Bijven and Laten

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  • Blijven (to remain) can be used with an infinitive to express a continuous or repeated action. Blijven acts like a modal verb in the sentence; blijven is conjugated and the other verb remains in the infinitive and goes to the end of the sentence.

    De kat blijft naar de muis kijken. The cat keeps looking at the mouse.
    Blijft u maar zitten! Please remain seated!

    Laten (to let, leave) can also behave like a modal verb when used with another verb. It corresponds to "to let" or "to have something done (by someone else)." In the perfect tense, laten also behaves like a modal because the infinitive is used instead of the past participle when it occurs with another verb.

    Laten we naar huis gaan. Let's go home.
    Zij laat haar kamer verven. She's having her room painted.
    Hij heeft zijn auto laten wassen. He's had his car washed.

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