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  • The stem with the appropriate spelling changes is most commonly used as the command form. When being polite, the u form is used (with u following the verb.) If a verb has a separable prefix, it is sent to the end of the clause. The "let's" form plus a verb is rendered in Dutch by laten we + infinitive. When the command is general and no one in particular is being addressed, the infinitive is used, especially on signs.

    Kijk! Look!
    Laat mij het doen! Let me do it!
    Blijft u zitten. Please remain seated.
    Kijk uit! Look out!
    Laten we gaan. Let's go.
    Niet roken. No smoking.
    Trekken / Duwen. Push / Pull.

    Note that zijn has an irregular imperative form: wees (and the polite form: weest u)

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